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Nona Naderi

Associate Professor (Chaire de professeur junior)

Computer Science, Université Paris-Saclay

LISN, Sciences et Technologies des Langues, SEME

Office: A117, Campus universitaire bât 507, Rue du Belvedère, 91405 Orsay, France

Phone: +33 1 69 15 55 79

Email: first name [dot] last name [at] lisn [dot] upsaclay [dot] fr

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I am an Associate Professor (Chaire de professeur junior) in the Department of Computer Science at Université Paris-Saclay. My research is in computational linguistics and natural language processing, with applications in health and medicine. Previously, I was a postdoc at HES-SO Genève and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. I did my Ph.D. in the Computer Science department at University of Toronto. I received my M.Sc at Concordia University.

Supervision and mentoring

PhD students:

Mathilde Aguiar, PhD in Computer science, 2023-present (with Pierre Zweigenbaum)

MSc students:

* Carlos Cuevas-Villarmin, MSc in Computer science, 2024 (with Sarah Cohen-Boulakia)

* Lai Ying , MSc in Computer science, 2024 (with Pierre Zweigenbaum)

* Javier Alejandro Lopetegui González, MSc in Computer science (AI M1 TER project), 2024 (with Cyril Grouin and Pierre Zweigenbaum)

* Martin Masson, MSc in Computer science (AI M1 TER project), 2024

Undergraduate students:

* Safidy Vonintsoa, 2024 (with Sarah Cohen-Boulakia)

* Martin Masson, 2023

I am looking for motivated PhD students.


Deep learning for natural language processing

Hands on Natural Language Processing

Analyse Informatique de données biologiques

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